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Jack’s Guitarcheology is a Nashville, TN area purveyor of weirdo and specialty guitars, vintage to modern. My name is Jack and I am a guitarcheologist with an affinity for all things funky and drenched in mojo.

In our guitarcheological digs, we specifically seek out dimestore guitars from yesteryear: Silvertone, Teisco, Kay, Hondo, Harmony, Conrad, Kent, Kingston, Kawai, Aria, Truetone, Airline, National, Maxitone, Valco and Danelectro…just to name a few. I also specialize in top-notch partscasters, intriguing pieces of playable art, bizarre (and admittedly obnoxious) noise makers, vintage obscure guitar parts that you absolutely have to have and my signature rubber bridge-equipped vintage acoustic guitars.

Jack and the team like to focus on one simple mission: saving as many guitars from the scrap pile as possible. We firmly believe that maintaining and upcycling the world’s current supply of guitars is the future of luthiery. These guitars are our history, they tell our story, and it is our mission to preserve them. 

We realized that we have acquired quite the tome of lesser known guitar history in our guitarcheological studies.

This is an attempt to share those guitars with the world. 

This site is also the home of the


If I can’t help you out, someone in our esteemed network of Nashville-area luthiers certainly can! 

Check out these stories from our past guitarcheological work:

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Saving guitars from the scrap pile since 2016!

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